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SITMA C960+960L
Year : 2001
Nbr Imps :
Availability : 2018-02-16
Details :
Auto-wrapping and strapping line

Automatic speed adjustment according to the rate of the production flow
Angled cross-sealer to ensure a tight film sleeve with no film tension on the upper products of the stacks
Variable size and thickness stacking capabilities without operator intervention
Bundles and stacks remain with the use of an AC frequency inverter for smooth operation and quick speed changes
Simplified set-up through a LCD display along with diagnostics
"Transport" mode for applications to be run without film
Side sealing system
High speed shrink tunnel on request


Min/Max length: mm 200 - 450 (8" - 18")
Min/Max width: mm 210 - 300 (8.26" - 12")
Min/Max height: mm 10 - 300 (.5" - 12")
Speed: up to 30 bundles per minute

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